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1. Progress details of rural drinking water schemes being implemented by Uttar Pradesh Water Corporation
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Before 1974, execution of the Rural Drinking Water Schemes was being done under centrally aided scheme. Implementation of drinking water scheme was as State aided scheme since 1974-75 under minimum requirement program. During the year 1977 a deficit of resources was occurred at state level and Central government backed up with its centrally aided scheme once again and Rural Drinking Water Supply scheme restarted. State aided drinking water scheme was launched for scheduled castes/scheduled tribes with effect from 1984. In the year 2000, Government of India implemented Pradhanmantri Gramodaya Yojna and in 2003 scheduled caste/scheduled tribe schemes and Minimum Requirement Program were merged into Pradhanmantri Gramodaya Yojna.

In the year 2009 Nation Rural Drinking Water Supply Program was launched to provide a new form to quick drinking water scheme. Share of the state aided and operated drinking water schemes was merged into the program. In this scheme 10 to 15 percent amount was provisioned for construction works as well as for operation and maintenance of the sustainability of water sources/schemes. In the year 2017, the provision of sustainability, operation and maintenance of water sources/schemes was abolished by government of India through the revision of guidelines At present 50:50 ratio of financial support from Centre and State is being followed for Rural Drinking Water Scheme under National Rural Drinking Water Program.

In the year 2016-17 for the works related with rural drinking water and priorities of state government which were not covered under the priorities determined by central government, a State Rural Drinking Water Scheme aided by state government was launched. Apart from the above, under the Pradhanmantri Jan Vikas Yojna, drinking water supply schemes are being executed in the minority dominated districts.

“Jal Jivan Mission” was launched by merging in the National Rural Drinking Water Supply Scheme by the Jal Shakti Mantralaya, Government of India. Under Jal Jivan Mission, it has been targeted to provide piped drinking water to every household of the state till 2024. Detailed guidelines have been issued in this regard by Government of India and guide lines to execute Jal Jivan Mission program in the state have also been issued by Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh vide their G.O. No. 190/76-1-2020-25 Sam/2019 dated 24.01.2020.

Coverage of rural settlements with drinking water

At present total populated villages in the state are 97494 according to a survey done by Central Government under Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission as per G.O.I. operated portal https://ejalshakti.gov.in/imisreports/ Total population of these villages is 16.94 Crores. Total settlements in the state are 259739.

General Coverage

All the settlements of the state have been provided drinking water facility through Hand Pump/Pipe Scheme as per the minimum drinking water standards fixed of 40 Liter water per individual per day. Total 2895361 Hand Pumps are installed in the rural areas of the state. At present 1 hand pump per 58 persons has been installed in the state. Thus entire village/settlements of the state have been satisfied with the 40 liter water per individual per day as per minimum water requirement standard.

Covered with Pipe Drinking Water Scheme

Government of India has decided to provide piped drinking water (FHTC) to all rural households till 2024 under Jal Jivan Mission. Approximately 251.24 Lakh population has been benefited covering 30850 settlements out of 259739 total rural settlements of the state through 5899 rural drinking water schemes upto March 2020. FHTC has been given to 10.67 Lakh households in the villages/settlements covered under piped drinking water supply schemes. 9.82 Lakh combination holders have been enlisted on the official portal of GOI https://ejalshakti.gov.in/imisreports/ in against the total benefited population of 10.67 Lakh.

Description Settlements Population (IN Lakh) Home Combination (Lakh) Remarks
Total 259739 1694.81 263.38 ON ground, approximately 10.67 Lakh households have been provided with FHTC.  Entry of remaining beneficiaries is in progress.
Coverage 01.04.2020 30850 251.24 9.82
In %age 11.9% 14.8% 3.7%

Priority decided by Government of India/State Government

Government of India has set a priority to provide hygienic piped drinking water to every household of the sate under National Rural Drinking Water Supply Scheme. As per the guidelines the working of Hand Pumps is generally not allowed. The villages affected with the quality of water may be provided with the treatment plants and in the absence of option, the villages affected with quality (arsenic/fluoride) very deep hand pumps may be bored. At present overriding priority has been issued to the piped drinking water supply for every household. At present the action is being taken to provide FHTC to all households which are left out and a for the purpose a baseline survey work is on priority through 5899 schemes currently in progress. Priority has been setup under the rural drinking water supply schemes as follows:

  • To complete under construction piped drinking water projects
  • Area affected with the quality of drinking water like JE/AES and drinking water arrangement in the villages affected with arsenic/fluoride
  • Drinking water arrangement in the selected villages under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna

Execution of schemes

The following programs are being operated in the state to provide drinking water through piped drinking water schemes in the rural areas :

1. Jal Jivan Mission (Erstwhile National Rural Drinking Water Program

At the beginning of FY 2017-18, total 1585 piped drinking water projects were under construction under the National Rural Drinking Water Scheme and 104 new projects were started between 2017-18 and 2018-19. Total 948 projects were completed in two FYs, 436 in 2017-18 and 512 in 2018-19. Total 741 pipe drinking water projects are under construction at the beginning of FY 2019-20 and 426 new projects have been started in the areas affected with the quality of water. Thus total 1167 projects are under construction under Jal Jivan Mission. In the FY 2019-20, 341 project works have been completed till Mar 2020. Tendering process is going on for 339 projects newly approved on 14.03.2020and the work will begin shortly. 2.09 Lakh FHTC is proposed from these projects.

Tendering process is on for such 76 projects approved on 14.03.2020 for which 100% FHTC is to be given according to the priorities determined by Government of India and shortly work will be started. 56226 FHTC are proposed to be given from these projects. Apart from the above, assessment work is in progress on priority and assessments worth Rs. 949 Crore have been prepared for 1102 projects for providing 9.59 Lakh FHTC.

For the FY 2020-21, under Jal Jivan Mission, the details of expense as prescribed by Central government and the state share are noted against each:-

(In Crore Rs.)

S.No. Description (Head) Including state share against the expenses determined by Central government
Central Share State Share Total
1 Auxiliary activities 122.46 81.64 204.10
2 Water Quality Monitoring System (WQMS) 48.98 32.65 81.63
3 Works of pipe drinking water scheme 2277.89 2277.89 4555.78
  Total – Jal Jivan Mission 2449.33 2392.18 4841.51

Total amount of Rs. 1058.63 crores is available at the beginning of FY 2020-21 under Jal Jivan Mission. Total Rs. 51.80 have been expended out of this amount till May, 2020.

Drinking Water Arrangement in the villages affected with quality of drinking water

Total 20 districts of the state are affected with the problem of JE/AES. In these districts total 3089 villages were identified as “sensitive” by Health Department during the year 2011-12. Similarly an identification program was done for the settlements affected with the chemical impurity in water through drinking water inspection. Total 9344 settlements were identified through a survey done in 2007-2009. Villages/settlements have been given priority in the chemical impurity where presence of Arsenic and Fluoride is in much quantity. Total 1444 settlements affected with Arsenic and 2386 settlements affected with Fluoride have been identified in the state. Almost villages/settlements from the above mentioned figure have been provided with hygienic drinking water by establishing pipe/water treatment plants. The details of remaining settlements to cover according to the updated status of Mar, 2020, are as under:-








Remaining settlements as on 01-04-2020







According to the guidelines of GOI, the settlements affected with Arsenic an Fluoride are proposed to be covered till December, 2020.

1. Neer Nirmal Project (World Bank aided) – in 14 Districts

Four lower income states of the country namely Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh were selected for the Neer Nirmal project to improve sanitation standard and drinking water facilities. The project is being executed in the state in two phases, as follows:-

Batch-1 - In Batch-1, total 246 village Panchayats of 9 districts have been selected namely Allahabad, Bahraich, Gonda, Ballia, Ghazipur, Deoria, Basti, Kushinagar and Gorakhpur to provide piped drinking water. In these villages total 231 piped projects are in process, out of the above 218 are single village piped water projects and 13 are small multi village piped drinking water projects. Total construction cost of the projects is Rs. 418.69 Crore and against this amount Rs. 391.19 Crore have been expended. 231 projects have been commissioned. 151 projects have been handed over to village Panchayats.

Batch-2 : In batch-2, total 547 village Panchayats of 11 districts namely Allahabad, Bahraich, Gonda, Ballia, Ghazipur, Kushinagar, Sonbhadra Fatehpur, Varanasi, Siddharthnagar and Sant Kabir Nagar have been selected for supplying the pure drinking water through piped drinking water projects. For the above mentioned areas, total 355 piped drinking water projects are in process out of this figure 251 are single village piped drinking water projects and 104 are multi village piped drinking water projects. Total construction cost of these projects is Rs. 1030.32 Crore and an amount of Rs. 634.64 Crore has been expended against the total cost. 82 projects have been commissioned.

According to the guidelines of GOI, operation of above mentioned scheme has been suspended from the year 2020-21 and remaining works are to be financially aided under Jal Jivan Mission. At the end of previous financial year, an amount of Rs. 117.08 Crore was balance with the Jal Jivan Mission under the above mentioned scheme. The balance amount (Rs. 117.08 Crore) has been expended.

2. State Rural Drinking Water Program – A State Rural Drinking Water Scheme has been initiated by the state government within its own financial resources in FY 2016-17. Total 172 piped drinking water projects/T.T.S.P. were executed in various districts of the state till the beginning of FY 2016-17 out of which 23 projects have been completed in the FY 2017-18 and 2018-19. Total 166 projects are under construction including the projects sanctioned in FY 2019-20. Works are also being done in the districts Agra, Gonda, Unnao and Mainpuri against the announcements made by Hon’ble Chief Minister. Total 46 projects have been completed out of under construction projects till March, 2020.

No budget provision is sanctioned under the above program in FY 2020-21. Total amount of Rs.88.46 Crore is available against the fund received till last year, out of which Rs. 3.71 Crore have been expended till Mar, 2020.

Bundelkhand Package and Border Area Development Program

At state level, execution of these schemes is being done by Planning Department. Additional fund is sanctioned by GOI for aiding the development works for specific regions in the state as Central Assistance.

Special Bundelkhand Package

Implementation of the above mentioned scheme is being done in the 7 districts of Bundelkhand area of the state. During 1st phase complete amount of Rs. 91.63 Crore has been consumed as received. During 1st phase, 2725 installation of hand pumps and 12 piped drinking water projects are completed. 51 piped drinking water projects have been sanctioned in the 2nd phase of Bundelkhand package. Works of 44 projects have been completed till the end of FY 2018-19. Similarly, total 7 projects are being implemented in the FY 2019-20. 2 projects have been completed till Mar, 2020. In the FY 2019-20, total amount of Rs. 64.65 Crore is available including the carried forwarded amount of previous FY against which an amount of Rs. 16.65 Crore has been expended. Rs. 1.38 Crore have been expended till May, 2020 in the FY 2020-21.

Border Area Development Program

Under the Border Development Area Program, works are executed within the pre-decided distance from International border. Under this scheme, 8 districts of the state namely Pilibhit, Lakhimpur Kheri, Bahraich, Shravasti, Balrampur, Mahrajganj and Siddharthnagar works are discharged. Under the above mentioned scheme 13 piped drinking water projects are sanctioned as updated from the FY 2017-18 in addition to the Hand Pumps. Out of the above mentioned, works related with 8 projects have been completed and 5 projects are presently under construction. In the FY 2019-20 total available funds of Rs. 8.63 Crore is available including the carried forwarded amount of previous FY and against this amount, Rs. 6.61 Crore have been expended till March, 2020.

3. Pradhan Mantra Jan Vikas Program

As per GOI guidelines, various welfare schemes for minority welfare are operated in the minority dominated area of the state. Till the FY 2017-18, 257 projects have been approved in the state worth Rs. 659.00 Crore in various districts of the state. Out of which 7 projects have been surrendered because of unavailability of land or villages involved in other piped drinking water schemes. Total 61 projects have been completed till March, 2019. Total 189 projects are being implemented in the FY 2019-20, 06 projects have been completed till March, 2020 from the under construction projects and more than 75 % progress has been earned on 55 projects. Rs. 66.21 Crore have been expended against the total amount of Rs. 95.58 Crore available till FY 2019-20 including the carried forwarded amount of previous FY. At present, Rs. 3.06 Crore have been expended against the carried forwarded amount of last year till May, 2020.

4. Operation and maintenance of piped drinking water projects in rural areas

In the year 1975, Uttar Pradesh Water Supply and Sewer Management Act, 1975 was formulated to develop water supply and sewer related services. For operation of the schemes at state level, Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam and at regional level Water Institute Jhansi and Garhwal/Kumaon (At present in Uttarakhand) were constituted under the act.

Responsibilities and rights of Water Institutions related with rural drinking water projects were delegated to the Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam, except for the projects of Bundelkhand area vide Government of Uttar Pradesh notification Number 3426/9-2(3)-79 dated 01 August, 1979 and 2894/9-2-87-57 (93)-87 dated 16 March, 1988. After the empowerment of Panchayati Raj system, operation and maintenance work of the piped drinking water projects established in the rural areas is being undertaken by Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam, Jhansi/Chitrakoot Water Institution and village Panchayats. Description of operated schemes and their progress of institution wise is as under:-

Description Jal Nigam Village Panchayat Water Institution Total
Status of projects 1260 1138 2398 3349 152 5899
Total/Partially operated 1197 1055 2252 2893 152 3452
Closed Projects 63 82 146 456 0 627

Out of above mentioned, total 238 piped drinking water projects have been completed to cover the AES/JE affected villages as follows- 83 in FY 2017-18 and 155 in FY 2018-19. Total 47 projects have been completed in FY 2019 till Mar, 2020 out of 247 under construction projects of Jal Jivan Mission in 2019-20.

A separate financial aid is being provided to 462 settlements by including them in the projects which are affected with Arsenic and Fluoride, under National Drinking Water Quality Submission being run by GOI. Under the General Program and Submission, 103 projects have been completed in FY 2017-18 and 61 in FY 2018-19 to provide pure drinking water for the villages affected with Arsenic/Fluoride. 23 projects have been completed out of under construction 138 projects in the FY 2019-20 till the March, 2020. Apart from the above, establishment work of 506 Water Treatment Plant has been completed against the target of 506 WTP in the Arsenic/Fluoride affected villages.

5. Installation of Hand Pumps on the selected places by Hon’ble MLAs :/h4>

Under the quick economic development scheme in the FY 2017-18 and 2018-19, a sanction has been granted for each Hon’ble MLA and MLC to install 100 Hand Pumps in her/his selected area. Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam is looking after the hand pump installation work in 66 districts of the state and Uttar Pradesh Agro is looking after the same job in 9 districts.

In FY 2017-18

S.No. Name of Institution Recommended List Installed
1. Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam 40863 40673
2. Uttar Pradesh Agro 7613 7255
  Total (Numbers of Hand Pumps) 48476 47928

In FY 208-19

S.No. Name of Institution Recommended List Installed
1. Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam 37378 34587
2. Uttar Pradesh Agro 5678 4874
  Total (Numbers of Hand Pumps) 43056 39461

Piped Drinking Water Project – Physical Progress

S.No. Program Already under construction Newly started 2017-19 Completed Year 2019-20
2017-18 2018-19 Balance Newly Started Completed 03/2020
1. National Rural Drinking Water Scheme 1585 104 436 512 741   341
2. World Bank Aided Neer Nirmal 233 379 161 60 391 0 91
3. State Drinking Water Program 160 12 1 22 149   46
4. Border Area Development 11 2 2 6 5 0 0
5. Bundelkhand Package 26 2 21 0 7 0 2
    2147 619 659 623 1484   486

Financial Progress

(In Crore Rs.)

S.No. Program Year wise Expenses Budget 2019-20 Updated Expenditure
2017-18 2018-19  
1. National Rural Drinking Water Scheme 1102.73 1180.26 1500.00  
2. Neer Nirmal Project (World Bank aided) 167.25 278.53 1440.00  
3. Bundelkhand, Vindhya and piped drinking water scheme of quality affected villages 0.00 30.00 3000.00  
4. State Rural Drinking Water Scheme 89.28 95.64 120.00  
5. Pradhan Mantri jan Vikas Yojna 50.23 131.74 50.00  
6. Bundelkhand Package/Border Area 20.43 32.03 25.00  
  Total 1429.92 1726.08 6135.00