Pollution Control

Last Updated on : Monday, Oct 3 2022 11:39AM

Lake Pollution Control Program

The plan of Ramgarh Tal (Gorakhpur Nagar) is approved by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. The approved cost is Rs. 124.32 crore and revised approved cost is Rs. 196.57 crores. Under the scheme, construction of 2 STPs with 15 and 30 MLD capacity is complete and sewage is being treated. The updated physical progress of the scheme is 99.60 percent.

The total amount released is Rs. 195.91 crore while Rs. 190.15 crore has been spent. Under the scheme, approval has been received from the Government of India to complete the work of Nutrient in Activation, Garden Area, Snack Joint, Observation Tower and Paddle Bots and installation of floating fountain relative to the aeration system. All the work of the scheme has been completed and made operational. <./p>

The project of Laxmi Tal (Jhansi) has been approved by Government of India’s letter No. J-16011/3/2003-NRCD-II. Vide 07/10.11.2014 through which Rs. 54.13 crore has been provided in which the share of Government of India is Rs. 37.89 crores. Proposed 26 MLD sewage treatment plant is under construcion. The total amount released is Rs. 50.00 crore, against which Rs. 49.22 crore has been spent. All the work of the scheme has been completed and the scheme is being operated on trial run.