Board of Directors Jal Nigam

Last Updated on : Monday, Oct 3 2022 11:39AM

Beside chairman there are 11 other members of Corporation. Chairman and members are nominated by Government. Managing Director of Jal Nigam nominated by government are engineers who have qualification and efficient knowledge and experience of this Water Supply and Sewerage System and administrative experience or an officer of the Indian administrative service of the rank of secretary to the state Government appointed by the state Government. Finance Director who have experience of financial and account related field are also nominated by the government. At present following members are there in Board of Directors Jal Nigam :-

Permanent Member Ex-Officio Member
Chairman Principle Secretary/Secretary, Finance, GoUP
Managing Director Principle Secretary/Secretary, Urban Development Dept, GoUP
Joint Managing Director (Adms)
Joint Managing Director (Nagar)
Principle Secretary/Secretary, Housing and Urban Planning Dept,
Finance Director Principle Secretary/Secretary, Infrastructure and Industrial
Development Department, GoUP
  Principle Secretary/Secretary, Planning Department, GoUP
  Director, Local Bodies, UP
  Director, Medical and Health Services, UP

Beside above 5 elected heads of local bodies in the state, to be nominated by the state government.

Beside above mentions following amendments are made in Uttar Pradesh Water Supply and Sewerage System ACT-1975 (ACT no.-43, Year- 1975) Section-4 and 6 :-

“Not exceeding more than 3 specified renowned non-governmental people in Social and Public field will be nominated as Vice-chairman”
At present no vice-chairman is deployed.