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There are total 734 municipal local bodies in the state, whose population is 4.65 crores on the basis of 2011 census, which is about 23.3 percent of the total population of 19.98 crores of the state. Recently, 84 new urban bodies have been declared by the state government and 64 local bodies have been expanded. At present the total is 734. The present status of piped drinking water facility in the above 672 cities is as follows.

Body Status of piped drinking water supply in cities on March 31, 2022
Total Covered
Municipal Corporation 17 17
Municipal Council 194 194
Nagar Panchayat 523 461
Total 734 672
  • Number of Uncovered Cities 62

The details of the rates of per capita drinking water supply as per the urban standard for newly created urban bodies are being given in the following table:

S.No. Population wise classification of cities Prescribed standard of drinking water supply (liter per person per day) 734 details to be given Number of towns having sewerage system
1- More than 10 lakhs 150 10 10
2- More than 1 lakh (and cities having sewerage system or potential) 135 54
3- 20 thousand to 1 lakh 135*@70 19
4- Less than 20 thousand 135*@70 1
  Total   734 58

For Drainage

State Sector Program

To improve drinking water supply in various cities of the state, funds are provided in the form of grants to urban bodies under the State Sector Program. Under this scheme, the financial approval of the projects is given by the Expenditure Finance Committee/Project Structure and Evaluation Division, Government of Uttar Pradesh. The selection and construction work of the project is done by the Jal Nigam with the consent of the concerned body.

Till March 22, the government has issued financial sanctions of Rs.1557.06 crore against 77 under    construction schemes. In the year 2021-22, out of 77 schemes, 38 schemes were completed and made public and work of 39 schemes is in progress. An expenditure of Rs 989.61 crore has been made against Rs 1085.59 crore released by the government.

AMRUT (Atal Mission for Renewal and Urban Transformation)

With the objective of providing basic services (water supply, sewerage, urban transport etc.) to urban households as a national priority, the AMRUT scheme has been initiated by the Government of India on 25.6.2015 in the form of a centrally funded scheme of urban development in which one lakh Urban bodies with more than the population of 60 urban bodies of the state are covered in this scheme, the duration of the scheme is 2015-2020 (5 years).

Under the scheme, smooth functioning of water supply, sewerage and septage management is to be done during the plan period. Under the AMRUT program, Jal Nigam/C&DS has been designated for the preparation of estimates and construction of drinking water, drainage and solid waste management setups.

For the financial year 2015-16, Rs.1519.19 crore for water supply, Rs.1697.62 crore for water harvesting and Rs.70.45 crore for green land and parks, a total of Rs.3287.26 crore State Annual Action Plan (SAP) has been constituted at the Government of India level. Approval was given by the 5th Apex Committee on 05.12.2015. On the basis of SAP approval, the Government of India has made available 20 percent amount of Rs.281.81 crore to the State Government on 28.12.2015 as first installment against the total amount of Rs.1409.60 crore.

For the financial year 2016-17, Rs.2017.42 crores for water supply, Rs.1795.84 crores for water harvesting and Rs.81.90 crores for green land and parks, totaling Rs.3895.16 crores (SAP) was given approval by the Tenth Apex Committee constituted at the level of Government of India. On the basis of SAP approval, the Government of India has made available 20 percent amount of Rs.327.60 crore to the State Government on 08.08.2016 as first installment against the total amount of Rs.1638.00 crore.

A total of 270 projects for 172 drinking water and 98 water harvesting under AMRUT scheme, with a total estimated cost of Rs.11399.96 crore, have been approved by the State Level High Powered Steering Committee (SHPSC). Work has started on 145 schemes for drinking water and 80 schemes for water harvesting, totaling 225 schemes.

Against the amount of Rs.4145.48 crore for the remaining mission period (FY 2017-20), Rs.1996.02 crore for water supply, Rs.2149.46 crore for water harvesting (SAP) has been approved dated 15.03.2017 by the Seventeenth Apex Committee constituted at the level of Government of India.

So far, the total amount released for drinking water is Rs. 3253.71 crore (work+centage) up to April 2022 against whicjh, Rs. 3083.38 crore (work+centage) was spent. Against which, the total amount released for drinking water house connection (about 7.99 lakh nos.) and sewerage of Rs. 4845.34 crore (work+centage) as of September, 2019 against Rs. 4672.40 crore (work+centage) was spent, against which about 5.97 lakh nos. sewer house connections have been made available.

Summary of approved schemes under AMRUT program

SAP Sector Estimate Approved SHPSC Scheme Dropped Government Order Issued Approved Tender Tender Pending Complete Scheme Scheme in Progress
2015-16 Drinking Water Scheme 88 1 87 87 0 73 14
Sewerage and Septage Plan 38 1 37 37 0 28 9
2015-16 126 2 124 124 0 101 23
2016-17 Drinking Water Scheme 60 2 58 58 0 40 18
Sewerage and Septage Plan 37 1 36 36 0 18 18
2016-17 97 3 94 94 0 58 36
2017-20 Drinking Water Scheme 26 1 25 25 0 11 14
Sewerage and Septage Plan 41 2 39 39 0 14 25
2017-20 67 3 64 64 0 25 39
Grand Total 290 8 282 282 0 184 98

The main work done in relation to the above completed and in progress schemes are as follows:-
Drinking Water

  • New tube well construction 392 nos completed
  • Rebar Tube Well Pipeline 70 Nos Completed
  • Drinking Water House Connection 7,99,295 Nos Completed
  • Underground reservoir completed 50 nos.
  • Overhead Reservoir 137 Nos Completed
  • Distribution system 5175 km completed


  • Sewer line 1999 km completed
  • Sewerage Treatment Plan 06 Nos Completed 08 Nos in Progress
  • Sewer House Connection 596466 Nos Completed
  • House Connecting Chamber 284734 Nos. Completed

Updated status of approved and ongoing schemes under the JNNURM program-

    • JNNURM Under the (UIG) project, 7 municipal corporations of the state nominated by the Government of India: Lucknow, Prayagraj, Kanpur, Varanasi, Agra, Meerut and Mathura-Vrindavan have been included. Under this program, the total sanctioned cost for 25 projects by the Government of India is Rs. As against 6133.95 crore, UP Jal Nigam has got a total amount of Rs. 6033.33 crore has been received, against which Rs. An amount of 5830.92 crore has been spent. Out of 25 approved projects, 15 have been completed and made public. Work of 11 schemes is in progress and about 98.5 percent work is completed.
    • UIDSSMT 45 projects sanctioned by the Government of India under the project, the total cost of Rs. UP Jal Nigam has received total amount of Rs.1233.60 crore against 1270.42 crore, against which Rs.1213.33 crore has been spent. Out of 45 approved schemes, 44 schemes have been completed. All the work of Firozabad sewerage is complete but the liability of the scheme is pending.
    • Under the Transmission Phase of UIDSSMT, U.P. Jal Nigam has received a total amount of Rs.331.20 crore against the total sanctioned cost of Rs.353.05 crore, against which an amount of Rs.293.08 crore has been spent. Out of all the 7 approved schemes, 2 schemes have been completed and made available for public use while the work of 5 schemes is about 99 percent complete.
    • External Aided Program (JBIC) Agra Water Supply Ganga Jal Project-
    • Agra Water Supply Scheme Gangajal (External Assisted-JICA) Palra Handworks of Upper Ganga Canal, to ensure water supply, pipeline work of 130 kms from Bulandshahr to Agra has to be executed, with 140 cusecs to Agra and 10 cusecs to Mathura (total of 150 cusecs)
    • The total cost of initial appraisal of the scheme was Rs. 1076.98 crore, which was approved in March 2007. In the DPR of the scheme, estimated cost of Rs. 2887.92 crore was approved by the Expenditure Finance Committee of the State, which has been approved as per the revised cost on 04.07.2012 after the financial and technical examination of the project in the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.
    • The loan agreement between the Government of India and JICA on credit enhancement against the revised cost has been executed on March, 2014. 85 percent of the cost of the scheme is to be borne by JICA as loan and 15 percent by the state government. Under the scheme, in Sikandara, Agra, a 144 MLD capacity water treatment plant, settling tank, feeder main for the cities of Agra and Mathura and at present the work of renovation of water treatment plant is proposed.
    • Presently 144 MLD is being installed at Palra Settling Tank and Sikandra Agra. Water treatment work has been completed. The total amount released is Rs. 2562.00 crore against which, Rs. 2455.97 crore has been spent till date.

The current status of the scheme is as follows : -

  • In the project, a total of 150 cusecs of water is supplied to Agra and Mathura city by taking Ganga water from Palda Falls of Bulandshahr through 130 kms of pipeline through district Bulandshahr, Aligarh and Mathura.
  • The project is the first successful project of its size in India.
  • The expenditure on pumping of the said scheme comes to nil.
  • Ganga water is supplied and water treatment of 370 MLD is done under the project in which Agra city gets 345 MLD and Mathura gets 25 MLD.
  • A total of 172917 home connections are supplied in Agra city.
  • A total of 35185 household connections are supplied in Mathura city.
  • Under the scheme, the process of inviting tender is in progress for the works of leakage prevention, non-revenue water reduction, 24x7 drinking water supply in 2 pilot water supply zones of the city.

Deposit Work

Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam (Urban) is the leading organization for drinking water and sewerage works of the state, which has sufficient technical experience and skill in this field. Jal Nigam is making full efforts to increase its workload by getting work from Municipal Corporation, Municipality and other departments in urban areas.

In the year 2021-22, work worth Rs 125.00 crore has been received by UP Jal Nigam as deposit work due to which an amount of Rs 15.00 crore was earned by the UP Jal Nigam in the form of centage.