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State Human Resource Development Cell

As per the guidelines of Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission, Government of India, the Human Resource Development Cell constituted vide departmental order No. 116/Pra-1/H.R.D.Cell/9, dated 13.05.96 in the sequence of G.O. No. 1575/38-5-99-657/97 dated 26 April, 1999 to organise the programs of National Human Resource Development. This cell is authorised to work as coordinator/Nodal agency for the programs running under Village Development Department related to drinking water, Hygiene, Health and Environment awareness programs and Community Cooperation and almost officers/employees working in the cell are quite experienced Environmental Engineer and Community Cooperation experts. The Cell has trained more than 60,000 entrepreneurs in 60 districts of the state in between 1996-2008 and build the capacity of villages Panchayat not only by providing training to Health and Community Cooperation Motivators, Masons and Hand Pump mechanics but also organized hygiene and sanitation workshops in 275 development blocks as well as public awareness programs/I.E.C. programs in more than 35,000 villages of the state. The cell also constituted the Village Water and sanitation Committees in 16,000 villages. Following training works also conducted under Sector Professional and Village level programs:-

Training programmes was organised under sector professionals and village level programme during the year 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 given below.

  • Induction course for newly appointed 28 AEs
  • Induction Course for newly appointed accountants
  • Basic and advance computer Training.
  • Technical Training for E/M JEs
  • State level seminar for "River water agency"
  • UNICEF supported florosis control and CDD Watson programme.
  • Two days state level workshop and Training on maintenance of forced lift hand pumps.

Training programmes were organised under "Training Need Assessment" or (T.N.A.) between the year 2012-13 and 2018-19

  • Training given to JE's, AE's and higher officers and non technical staff  of U.P. Jal Nigam under T.N.A Programme in different fields of 92 Batches.
  • Training programs given to JE's/ AE's/EE's under sector professional head" in MNNIT Allahabad of various subjects written as under.
    • Hydraulic and structural design of water tank and water retaining structures for water supply management.
    • Construction management in water supply sector.
    • Sustainable management of waste water and sanitation for rural areas: studies,            issues and challenges.
  • 3 Batches of newly appointed AE's of UPJN Under capacity building programme.
  • 7 Batches on e-tendering subjects for proper implementation of e-tendering process under capacity building programmes. for officers and staff of UPJN.
  • 12 Batches of JEs and 3 Batches of AE's of Newly appointed Engineers of 2017 batch organised under capacity Building programmes.
  • 6 Batches of GST Trainings for proper implementation of  GST system in UPJN under capacity Building programmes.

Work done during the year 2019-20

  • Training programme (Technical/ Accounts) for JEs/AEs working in AMRUT schemes of UPJN. Under capacity Building programmes.
  • 3 Days Accounts Training for the AEs of 2013 and 2015 Batch of UPJN.
  • Half Day stress management and personality development training programme for work efficiency enhancement of officer/staff of UPJN.
  • Water supply distribution network design by Bentley Water Gem software for AE/EEs of UPJN.

Work proposed for the year 2020-2021

  • Work plan for 8 different types of trainings for JE (Civil), AE (Civil) and EEs of UPJN.
  • Working plan of 5 different type of trainings for JEs (E/M).
  • 3 days Account and 2 days e-tendering training programmes for AE/EEs of UPJN.
  • 3 days Accounts training for promoted Accountants and direct accountants of UPJN.
  • 4 days computer training for clerk and Accountants of UPJN
  • 5 days training on latest technology of sewage treatment (MBBR, MBR, SBR Process) for AE/EEs of UPJN
  • 2 days training programme on Motivation, communication, personality development and stress management for all offices and staff of UPJN.
  • Due to Covid-19 pandemic, working plan of online trainings is under framing.